Where the drinks are cold and the books are hot
Where the drinks are cold and the books are hot
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Have You Heard About *Spooky Voice* The Supply Chain?, and Other Updates, Such as They Are

Hello hello! What's happening?

Oh, you are asking *us* what's happening? Well...

Lots of less than thrilling behind the scenes preparation, for one thing. Can you say Point of Sale System Change-Over? Woo! (We are actually very excited about this, but it's not, like, great for play-by-play updates. For example, just the other day we finally learned what "BISAC" stands for! It's "Book Industry Standards and Communications"! Aren't you riveted?)

On the other hand, you know the saying "no news is good news"? Sometimes no news is...no news. When, say, as a complete hypothetical, you're dealing with a city bureaucracy and building permits. So, nothing to report on the physical storefront front. You'll know when we know, we promise, because we will be very excited and unable to contain ourselves. Please send *good vibez*

HOWEVER, a fun behind-the-scenes thing we have been working on that will soon be in-front-of-the-scenes is Holiday Gifts! Because, as all people beholden to the global supply chain (so, all of us) are begging you to believe: November is the new December! Get those gifts early!

We will have *NEW* bookish designs! Shirts! Hats! Mugs! Even Sweatshirts! 

We will also, as always, have BOOKS!

We will even have AUDIO BOOKS (and libro.fm memberships!) which are especially handy if you forgot to believe that November is the new December and waited to buy gifts until the real December, but are also great at any time.

So, keep an eye out. We'll just let everyone celebrate Halloween before we say more. (Speaking of which -- have you checked out our spooky season lists on Bookshop.org and Libro.fm?)




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