Where the drinks are cold and the books are hot
Where the drinks are cold and the books are hot
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November is the New December: A Gift Guide!

Good morning! Hope everyone had a spooky/delicious/sexy Halloween!

Welcome to November 2021, which, for the purposes of holiday gifting, is effectively December of any pre-pandemic year thank you to *gestures vaguely* the supply chain.

"Oh no!" You may be thinking to yourselves. "I still have my regular November tasks and it's already time to agonize over thoughtful and specific gifts for all my loved ones?"

Don't worry. We've got you. It's covered. This is:

The 2021 Meet Cute Holiday Gift Guide

This is, after all, a bookstore. So you'll be none too surprised to learn that we think books are a *great* gift. We do know, though, that it can be a little hard to choose exactly which book is right for which person. Fortunately, we've got a list for that! Several, actually!

  • Perhaps you'd like to choose a romance novel by corresponding Zodiac sign? (Want an audiobook instead? Check out the list on libro.fm.)
  • Or maybe you want an "If this, then this" suggestion? (Like, "for your friend who loves Game of Thrones, try...") Our pop culture read-alikes can be found here! (And here, for audiobooks!)
  • Trying to introduce a newbie to the genre or just want to go with a tried and true favorite? We've got Starter Packs for that! Check out our Contemporary Romance Starter Pack, Historical Romance Starter Pack, and Queer Romance Starter Pack for the books we most commonly hand to our romance-curious-but-also-a-little-suspicious friends. They offer a real diverse range of stories and are too good not to like, basically.

Want to chat with a bookseller (Becca -- it's going to be Becca) about just which book to get that hard-to-shop-for someone? You're in luck! You can either:

  • Email recs@meetcutebookshop.com with your conundrum and we will get back to your with a personalized reccomendation, OR...
  • Visit us at the North Park Book Fair: Holiday Edition on December 11 where we will have a selection of our favorite romances available for in-person purchase along with fun in-person-only bookish merch like trope candles, memory passports, and the No Wrong Answers card game! (This does, however, go against our seasonal motto that November is the new December, so take your risk tolerance into consideration.)

Still worried that sending your extremely well-read loved one an *actual* book is too risky? Never fear! Because we also have not one but TWO delightful new bookish designs now available on t-shirts, hats, mugs, totes, and even sweatshirts! We can't choose favorites, of course. All our designs are our babies. (But this is our current favorite.)

And, finally, you can always give your person the gift of choosing their own gift. Some people just prefer that, you know? In which case, may we suggest:

  • A 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month membership to libro.fm! We're a libro.fm partner, so when you shop with them through our storefront (or through that handy link) your purchases help support our business! We've curated playlists full of recommendations, but your giftee can snag any book they like.
  • A gift card to Bookshop.org! As with libro.fm, we've curated a BUNCH of romance rec lists, but your giftee can buy any book their heart desires. (And if you snag the gift card through that link, your giftee's purchases will be tagged to our storefront regardless.)

(Note: These last two suggestions are also handy if you forgot to believe that November is the new December and waited to buy gifts until the real December. We have definitely never failed to buy a gift until the last minute -- nope absolutely not can't see how that would happen -- but we're here to help you out anyway.)




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