Where the drinks are cold and the books are hot
Where the drinks are cold and the books are hot
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Meet Cute Books and Soda LogoMeet Cute Romance Bookshop and Fizzery is a space for romance readers and the romance-curious to grab a book and a drink, meet up, hang out, and generally get nerdy about kissing books.
We are here for books that are swoony and zany and heart wrenching and delightful. We are here for books that center narratives in which members of often-marginalized groups find pleasure and joy. And, sooner rather than later but at a time tbd, we will be physically here in La Mesa, California, just nextdoor to San Diego.
Cannot wait to say hello in person!

Meet Becca

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Hi! I'm Becca, the founder of Meet Cute Romance Bookshop and Fizzery, and also, I believe, the inventor of Fizzeries.

I'm a lifelong romance reader -- shoutout to the Avon True Romance series of books that were all titled [Girl's Name] and the [Man's Profession or Social Position] -- and first-time bookstore owner.

Originally from Los Angeles, I've lived in Providence, RI (where I majored in performance studies at Brown), Washington, DC (where I went to law school at Georgetown), and then bounced back and forth between Texas's Rio Grand Valley, DC, San Diego, and Boston working as an immigration defense lawyer and clerking for a federal judge. I'm finally home here in Southern California, having retired from the practice of law at the ripe old age of 30, and cannot wait to use all those *transferable skills* to create a fun, friendly, and vibrant space for other romance nerds (current and future).

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