Where the drinks are cold and the books are hot
Where the drinks are cold and the books are hot
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If you can't stop by in person (and, at the moment, no one can because we aren't open quite yet!) you can still...

Shop Our Online Warehouse at Bookshop.org

Order books through our online store at Bookshop.org. Take a look at our ever-growing number of recommendation lists for our available-online faves! (Go directly to our Bookshop.org store or scroll down and click on the list you want to explore.)

Looking for something really specific? A Regency featuring a delightful pet goat? A paranormal with a ghost as the main character? Email recs@meetcutebookshop.com for a personalized recommendation!

And remember, if you are looking for something non-romance (...why? just kidding -- no judgement!) you can still shop through our online storefront at Bookshop.org.

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Shop Audiobooks through Libro.fm

You know what makes doing the dishes, folding laundry, and taking long drives so much better? Books! Shop for audiobooks through libro.fm and support our bookstore with your purchases or your membership! Click here for our storefront, and don't forget to check out our curated playlists. (As with Bookshop.org, any audiobook is fair game/will support our shop, but we *do* suggest checking out our curated playlists of great audio romances.)

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Grab a Gift Card

Give your friend/mom/neighbor the gift of a delightful afternoon with their nose in a book!

Send a Bookshop.org gift card by clicking on this link and the recipient will be sent through to shop at Meet Cute's Bookshop.org storefront. (They can absolutely get any book available on Bookshop.org, romance or not, but we obviously recommend the former.)

Send a Libro.fm gift card by clicking here and the recipient will be sent through to shop at Meet Cute's Libro.fm storefront.

Special Order (Coming Soon!)

Our brick and mortar store will have an even broader selection including vintage categories and more books from indie publishers, so if you're looking for something you can't find through our Bookshop.org or Libro.fm storefronts, shoot us an email at recs@meetcutebookshop.com and we'll track it down!



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